An expert shares some tips on how to regain the nuptial glow:

Detox for the body

Opt for fruits, nuts, sprouts, legumes, broccoli, beetroot and so on. Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated or eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content such as watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries and peaches. Incorporate a vegetable juice in your daily diet to increase fibre intake and recapture the bridal glow.

Look after your skin

Bring on lots of TLC - tender, loving, skincare by continuing to follow the golden rule of maintaining the CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) ritual. Introduce a night cream with vitamin C to your daily regime as it helps renew face cells, restores skin elasticity and boosts collagen in your skin.

Luscious tresses

Indulge in a rejuvenating hair spa to de-stress, recover lost moisture and enhance the texture of your hair. Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse your scalp, followed by a protective conditioner that restores your hair to its healthy state.

Work it out

Move, run, dance, hit the gym or practice yoga and get an adrenaline rush. Regular exercise helps in increasing the supply of blood, which in turn nourishes the skin cells and keeps them vital.


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