Ghaziabad: If predictions from agricultural research experts are to be believed, the monsoon this year is expected to arrive earlier in National Capital Region (NCR). Experts at Agriculture Research Centre have predicted rainfall more than normal level this year.

As rainfall in May had brought the temperature down. Change in weather trends will continue to give respite from heat during summer, say experts.

The above average rainfall is likely to increase the ground water level and help in a better production of basmati rice.

Rainfall in last four months in 2011 was disappointing but rainfall in May brought some cheers as it was above normal level recorded in the past.

As per the official data, after 2005 it was in 2010 rainfall above average level was recorded.

Rainfall from 2006 to 2009 was below normal due to which temperatures soared in Ghaziabad and neighbouring areas and there was a steep drop in ground water level.

The benchmark of normal rainfall listed here is 720.20 mm. Last year, 780.82 mm rainfall was recorded after a big gap.

Observing the present rainfall records, the first four months in 2011saw less rainfall which was 20 percent below normal.

However, rainfall in May broke records of many years. Rainfall recorded till May last year was 32.56 mm whereas 39.56 mm rainfall has been recorded till May 22 this year.

May 20-21 recorded 15.63 mm rainfall.Where as during last year, only 0.09 mm rainfall was recorded in May.

Meanwhile, the administration and agricultural department have expressed their pleasure after looking at this year’s figures.

According to Dr Vipin Tygai at Muradnagar Agriculture Research Centre, this year will be beneficial for farmers and more rainfall is expected if the current trends continues.