Gurgaon: Proper water accounting in each colony and change in its pricing are some of the steps needed to check scarcity of water in Gurgaon, according to experts.

The raw water availability in Gurgaon is 250 litres per person per day but still there is water scarcity due to various reasons.

"In order to tackle the problem, there needs to be proper water accounting system in each colony," said K K Jalan, Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Irrigation Department, Haryana.

While speaking at a one-day seminar on ‘Water Management in Haryana with Special Reference to Gurgaon’, he outlined the various measures taken by the irrigation department, which include drive for cleaning rivers, recycled water to be used for power plants, rainwater harvesting, etc.

He also informed about the action taken at the village ponds to segregate the fresh water with unclean water.

"The pricing of water needs to be changed as well," he said.

The officer said that 90 per cent of surface water is used for irrigation while only 10 per cent accounts for domestic and industries use.

Several experts on water presented their views and perspectives to resolve the current water situation in Gurgaon and Haryana.

S K Bansal, Engineer-in-Chief, Irrigation Department, said that the water sources are shrinking at rapid pace due to over-exploitation and ignorance.

"Gurgaon is a city with tremendous advantages and unfortunately, tremendous problems and water is one of them.

 "The water crisis is real – there is adequate amount of raw water but due to issues in treatment and delivery of treated water, the city in reeling under water crisis, said Harmail Singh, Engineer in Chief, Irrigation Department.


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