London: Most of us know that the secret of long life lies in our genes. However not many believe to live a happy old life we require things like chit-chat with friends, healthy diet and regular exercise. But, now experts to support his theory.

According to experts in Britain, our genetic make-up is thought to contribute just 25 percent to how long we live. The real key involves simple measures such as regular exercise, indulging in a natter with friends and eating healthy food, daily reported.

Age UK, a charity, states it's never too early or too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve later life.

It says its guidelines, which include taking enough good-quality sleep, engaging socially with other people, and staying positive about ageing, can make a big difference to how people age.

It also suggests people to do regular exercise, take a healthy diet, undergo check-ups and not to smoke, besides asking for protecting one's eyes and avoiding sun damage.

The charity also urges people - for both physical and mental well-being - to keep an eye on their pensions and to seek expert financial advice when necessary.

According to Ian Philp, the professor who helped produce the information, said: 'We really can influence how we age and the top tips are a great guide to ageing better. For example, it may seem obvious but regular health check-ups are really important.

'Getting early diagnosis of an illness, taking advantage of screening programmes and being up to date with vaccines are all crucial. Others tips - such as engaging socially with others and staying positive about ageing - are also key.'

The guidelines hold relevance for Britain in particular, as the number of people aged 60 or over in the country, is anticipated to surpass the 20 million mark by 2031.