New Delhi (Agencies): The expert group formed by the Planning Commission a year ago to prepare a strategy for making the country a low carbon emission economy will submit its report in the first week of March.

"The expert group will submit its report to Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia in the first week of March," said the head of the expert group and prominent economist Kirit Parikh.

Parikh, an ex-member of the Commission, said, "The report would focus on four broad areas, including electrical (appliances) efficiency."

The other areas that would be covered include the efficient supply, distribution and production of energy, Parikh said, adding that the report will look into the energy use of cement and steel plants.

Apart from these, the report would give its insight on the transport sector, in view of increasing motorised transport. The number of people using motorized transport in the country is estimated at 200-300 million.

India had recently announced voluntary and unilateral targets to reduce the emissions intensity of the GDP by 20-25 per cent.

The implementation of targets for reducing emission intensity will be built into the strategy for the 12th Five-Year Plan, steady with the national objectives of poverty alleviation, sustainable development and inclusive growth.

The panel will review existing studies on low carbon growth/low carbon pathways prepared by various institutions and also analyse, as needed, low carbon options for the economy and present a report outlining the roadmap for low carbon growth.

The committee has been mandated to evaluate some key alternative low carbon options with an analysis of their cost benefits and relative merits and demerits.

The panel will present its report to the Commission in the first week of March, Parikh said, adding that the expert group will not include a cost analysis of these alternative low carbon options in its report. These would be provided later on.