New Delhi: Fed up with the alleged suppression by workers of the Trinamool Congress, workers of the Congress from West Bengal have approached General Secretary Rahul Gandhi for his intervention.

With the Panchayat elections lined up for next year, the Congress workers took their plight to the Gandhi scion however they are depressed by his silence on the issue. Rahul Gandhi listened to their plight carefully, but made no assurance in this regard.

Six Congress MLAs, party heads of 11 districts and senior leader Devi Ghosal, led by Ajoy Ghosh and Devbrat met Rahul Gandhi on Monday. Sharing their grievances, they said though there has been a change of power in West Bengal but their conditions have remained to be the same.

They highlighted that earlier they were victim of suppression and exploitation by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) workers, and now of the Trinamool activists.

The leaders appealed Rahul Gandhi to intervene into the matter and requested him to visit the state. They emphasised on equal and dignified relations between both the parties in the state.

They asked the Congress leadership to intervene in the current political situation so that they can provide right candidate for the Panchayat elections scheduled for 2012.