"Start exploring new avenues, what is my commitment to all of you - not even a single job will be lost, that is my assurance to you as your Minister for Communication," Prasad said.
Speaking at an event organised by the Department of Posts, he said, "You will have to scale, you will have to strike new frontiers and you will have to strike new areas..."
"The Prime Minister, I must tell you, has a great hope on the department of post. Keep that in mind, we will have to work together to see that postal department has left a profound beginning for new India," he added.
Asking the department officials to start thinking about the future, Prasad suggested that they start thinking out of box, and think about how post offices can be used for larger good of the people.
"What I would like the postal department to understand is the vast network of 1,65,000 post offices in India, how can we leverage them towards the growth of India?" Prasad said.

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