According to the reports, the update app allows users to message anyone in their contacts who has the Messenger app, not just those they are Facebook friends with.
The Android version of the Messenger app would become more broadly available after its beta testing got over, a website reported.

If sources are to be believed, with the new update, users can be able to see which friends are currently using the standalone app with the help of an icon that appears in a users' contact list. Moreover, it will enable the users to communicate with Messenger app users who aren't Facebook friends. The app will use the registered telephone numbers of the real-life friends to trace them for you.

The updated versions of the app were built specifically for Android and iOS operating systems with the icons, color schemes, and layouts designed in such a fashion that it gives natural feel on each operating system to the user. The app has a fresh navigation look for accessing recent conversations, settings, and other people using the app.