New Delhi: Hidden in the jungles of Vietnam, explorers have discovered world’s largest cave in Vietnam and cavers are still on a lookout for the end of it.

Situated in dense forests of the country, the cave has defying natural beauty which is still untouched by human hands.

Discovered by British cavers in 2009, the cave passage in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park was originally thought to be a modest 150 metres long and 200 feet high.

The Hang Son Doong was discovered after scientists observed a ray of light coming from behind the huge boulder which blocked the view of the whole cave.

After two further expeditions, the real size of the cave was known. After surveys, the cave is pegged at 330 feet wide and 800 feet high.

The stunning and mesmerising mountain river cave is as high as 25 double-decker buses. The mammoth cave is also assessed to be very old as the forest inside has mangrove trees and other birds and aquatic life. After a long expedition, the Scientists involved in the project have finally released the photographs of the case.

Photographer Carsten took two weeks to capture the cave in his lens. The cave starts from a hill and thereafter takes a deep cavernous shape.