"The US should continue its efforts to ensure Pakistan takes effective action against all militant groups within its borders," Admiral Harry Harris, nominee for US Pacific Command told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Harris said the election of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi generated some hope that Indo-Pakistan relations may improve.
"But that has yet to occur. India and Pakistan share a legacy of animosity, mistrust, and conflict," he said.
"Violent extremist organisations strain the relationship and are the most likely catalyst for the next military conflict. We are, of course, concerned that a conventional military conflict between these two nuclear powers could escalate with devastating consequences," Harris said.
"Dialogue is currently at a standstill and substantive progress on core security issues and territorial disputes is unlikely in the near term," he said.
He said neither side had the political space to make unilateral concessions and both the nations know that regional stability is absolutely essential to achieve their national interests.

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