New Delhi: Eyeing the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Samajwadi Party (SP) does not seem to be in a mood to spoil its relations with the Congress-led UPA government. Despite the qualms, SP is likely to attend the all-party meet called by Prime Minister on July 3 for the Lokpal Bill.

According to sources, the SP will attend the meet in order to bridge the gap with the Centre ahead of the next years UP state elections.

It may be noted that recently, party spokesperson Mohan Singh stated, the party does not want to side with UPA over fuel-hike and Lokpal Bill. “The SP has doubts about attending the all-party meet called by PM on Lokpal”, he stated.

However, the SP in the wake of the upcoming state elections has decided to extend its support to the ruling government, sources said.

Observers also deem that though the Union Government is facing criticism from all quarters over Lokpal Bill and crackdown on Ramdev but the SP does not want to put any hurdle for it in the UP elections. The SP does not want to give a second chance to the Mayawati government in the state as it cannot form a post poll alliance with either BJP or BSP.

Hence, the only option left with the SP is to maintain the diplomatic ties with the Congress and, no better way than to garner it at the all-party meet called by UPA on Sunday.