Your eyes reflect most communicative non-verbal cues. Few things have significant impact on your appearance like well-done eye makeup. Beautiful eyes with perfect make-up can entice anyone for sure. Whether you go bold natural right eye makeup can boost your confidence and show the world how much beautiful you are. Here ‘Sakhi' offers few eye makeup tips that help you to do the talking through eyes.

Mascara hones your eyes:

Long and thick eyelashes play pivotal role in enhancing the look of your eyes. Different types of mascaras like waterproof, colourless black, black brown and volumizing mascara are available in market. Make eyes drool worthy with a coat of mascara.

Put on foundation:

Before applying mascara, put on a little amount of foundation on your eyelids. Then apply mascara and eye-shadow. Grey and smoky black eyeshadow gives your eyes a sexy look but it will enhance you beauty if it is perfectly combined with your attire and total make-up. If you don’t want to put on any make-up, just apply two coats of transparent mascara.

Rectify your lifestyle:

Regularize your lifestyle and the first step towards this would be going to bed at right time.  Avoid cold drinks, junk food and fatty edibles. Before stepping into the sun apply sunscreen and wear sunglass.

Massage your eyes:

Before retiring on bed, clean your face. Take few drops of olive oil; massage it on your eyelashes and surrounding area of your eyes giving gentle round stroke. It makes your eyelashes strong and thick. Mix castor oil and sweet almond oil in olive oil, massage your surrounding area of eyes with this mixture. Repeat this process every night.

Nutritious diet:

Nutritious diet is not only necessary for health but also enhances your overall beauty. Include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet.

Keep it in mind:

If your eyebrow is long but not dense, avoid lengthening mascara. In this case, girls can use volumizing mascara.

Right colour:

While black mascara gives your eyelashes long look, brown mascara is used to give it a thick appearance.

Eye make-up remover:

Sleeping in mascara can cause breakage and damage to the lashes, so removing makeup each night will keep your lashes healthier. If you don’t remove mascara from eyes and go to bed, it may cause the breakage of eyelashes. Remove eye make-up with facial cleanser or face wash.

Oil free eye make-up remover is the best option for your eyes. In order to remove waterproof mascara, use silicon based remover. Don’t rub your eyes as it may cause breakage of eyelashes. Use cotton ball to remove your make-up.