Instant Articles helps in loading articles instantly and is a powerful tool that bring stories to life by letting users zoom into high-resolution photos and tilt to explore them in detail.

Instant Articles has been available to iPhone users since October and the rollout is now happening on Android.

Publishers who partner with Facebook can host their content on the social network directly, and this means that the stories are loaded within the Facebook app. This means that you can load stories much more quickly, without having to leave the Facebook app at all.

Facebook achieves faster loading by pre-loading articles as you scroll your News Feed. Because the article has already been loaded in the background, pictures pop up instantly when you tap the link, and embedded videos start playing the moment you scroll down to them.

Internationally, Facebook has seen a fair number of major publishers join Instant Articles, with partners such as the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, Bild, Huffington Post and Vox Media.