Although the plans for games may still be in the early stages, with major decisions on how they actually work yet to be made, the idea has generated much interest, reported The Verge.

People already have their social network established over Messenger, which could make it an easy way to play casual games which work within Messenger and live inside of its app store.Facebook began allowing third parties to tap into Messenger back in March, but the partners so far have largely been about adding new images - be it GIFs, stickers, or drawings - into chats.

According to reports, games are being viewed as a way to get more engagement and more revenue, as traction apparently hasn't been great for the initial round of apps. However, details like whether the games will live inside of Messenger or simply use Messenger as a way to link players together are yet to be decided by Facebook.

Facebook's messenger app already allows users to send money, make video calls and read audio clips. It had earlier launched a new feature for its messenger app that automatically transcribes any file sent as a voice recording and lets the people send voice clips to each other.

To send an audio clip, just tap the microphone icon, record the message and send. The tool listens to the full audio clip and posts a typed version below the audio, media reports said.

Facebook also rolled out 'Video calling'  feature in its Messenger app which allows users to avail video calling facility on its mobile messaging platform as well.

Facebook's Messenger app lets you send your friends money, the latest in a crowded field of services aimed at an increasingly wireless and cashless generation.

Services including PayPal, its Venmo unit and the disappearing-photo app Snapchat let you beam money to friends and family using smartphones linked to bank accounts or credit cards.