Almost 90 percent of the students polled said they use Facebook, Google Plus followed with 65 percent of the respondents using it. Twitter came third with 44.1 percent.
Interestingly, 45.5 percent of those polled said they use the social networking sites for completing school assignments, the survey conducted by the country's largest software exporter TCS said .

When it comes to studies, online resources like Wikipedia topped with 63.1 percent of those polled saying they use it, followed by PDFs which were used by 50.9 percent and online videos with 44 percent.
The growing proliferation of e-commerce was seen in this segment as well, with over 66 percent saying they shop online. Electronic gadgets top the list of the items bought online with 64.5 percent, followed by books (61.2 percent) and tickets (41.3 percent), it said.
Among messaging applications, WhatsApp tops the list with 72 percent of those surveyed in Mumbai using it while interestingly, boys outnumber girls by a huge 42 percentage points.
The interviewed kids said they spend an average of one hour per day online, nearly three-fourths of them use smartphones even though nearly half of them use home PCs or desktops for accessing internet, it said.