Wellington: Facebook's 'Babe of the day' page which has gained a lot of popularity in New Zealand universities has been tagged 'sexist' by women rights group.

The page endorsed by 37,000 people 'Babe of the day' features photos and captions of university students nominated by their peers over good looks and positive actions.

The women rights groups say that despite it being a page having images of both men and women, it is still sexist because the comments on the images indicate that the concept of beauty for women is external beauty and for men is their virility and other skills.

New Zealand University Students' Association women's rights officer, Arena Williams, said that the page was a tribute to gender expectations of beauty. Although students find it an interesting and fun feature, Allanah Colley, women's rights officer at Auckland University, said that the comments posted on the images are distasteful and far too much in providing extremely personal details.

According to the report, 'Babe of the day' administrators removed derogatory remarks from the comments and said that Facebook community can also mark such comments as spam.

Another site called 'Babe of the day' which denies having any link to the Facebook page claims to be using a more holistic approach to the phenomenon by featuring a little blurb about the person making it sort of a profile. Canterbury University's first babe Adam Scott said that he is enjoying the attention given to him after the nomination while another babe Liz Lawrence featured on the page said that it is clearly a fun and interesting thing but it can get out of high.