Earlier this month, telecom regulator Trai has asked Reliance Communications to keep services of Facebook's free Internet platform, Free Basics, in abeyance, till the issue on differential pricing is sorted out. Defending its project in a post on Internet.org, the firm said 'we need to be practical and make sure programs are deployed in a fair and transparent way'.

The Internet.org project was recently renamed as Free Basics and offers free access to a set of websites and services with the objective of introducing Internet.

Facebook cited web links of news reports of Aircel's plan to provide free Internet to all its subscribers and Mozilla Foundation's suggestions of equal rating. Aircel, however, has partially rolled out its free Internet services in some parts of the country.

Facebook also questioned Gigato mobile app, which credits Internet data consumed for accessing website on its platform and gets paid from websites that have partnered with it.

The social media major said that giving away free megabytes only helps existing Internet users as opposed to the unconnected and also means users on low-bandwidth phones could burn through their data very quickly.

Facebook also criticised Mozilla Executive Chairperson Mitchell Baker's idea of 'equal rating' — a system wherein some amount of data necessary for modern life is offered at discounted or no charges while companies paying for it get a 'brought to you by' attribution.

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