London: Tweeting about your holiday antics could just be the green light a burglar needs to break into your house!
More than a third of people lay their house open to burglars by telling the world on Twitter or Facebook that they are going on a holiday, a study has found.
The survey of 2,000 homeowners found 35 per cent advertise their vacation plans via social networking sites, while 71 per cent let mail pile up or don't leave a light on while they are away.
"Homeowners are leaving tell-tale signs that they're away, making it even easier for burglars to strike," the 'Daily Express' quoted Henry Topham of insurance company, as saying.
Earlier research undertaken by British security firm Friedland, found that 80 per cent of 50 interviewed ex-criminals said burglars Facebook and Twitter to monitor when homeowners are out of town.
While many fans of social media feel comfortable sharing their every move with friends and colleagues, there are serious privacy concerns about what information we give out over the Internet and who has access to it.


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