The social networking giant has launched a new feature called Facebook Professional Services that directs you to the highly-rated service providers in your area, reports stated.

There are over 80 business types - ranging from healthcare to financial planning and home decor - linked in the Professional Services directory. To find a list of local service providers, you just need to go to the page where you will find your current location pre-selected.

You can search for the service you are looking for by simply typing into a dialogue box. Once you hit the 'Search' button, you will be directed to a page with recommendations.

Search results are displayed along with Facebook's five-star rating system and user reviews. The results page also displays businesses' contact information, business hours and a map for directions.

Facebook, however, is not the first to do it. Amazon and Google have made similar attempts. The service offers small businesses yet another way to promote services locally, while also reinforcing the importance of getting good feedback from your customers on social media.