Los Angeles: Lady Gaga has become the latest victim of Facebook scamming with a fake massage, falsely stating that the pop star has been found dead in a hotel room, currently doing the rounds.

This follows another Facebook scam, which promised a video of Amy Winehouse just a few moments before her death, reported E! online.

The security agency Sophos is trying to warn people about the scam and have released a statement saying, "If you are tricked into clicking on the link you are taken ultimately
(via a website which sloppily allows an open redirect) to a webpage that pretends to contain a BBC News video report.

Watch out, though, if you try to play the video as this is a click jacking scam which attempts to silently say you "Like" the page when you click with your mouse."

Gaga, 25, is in fact alive and well, and has been the subject of controversy recently, with little-known Chicago songwriter Rebecca Francescatti alleging that Gaga stole parts
of her song for her hit 'Judas'.

"A lot of people say that the songs might not sound the same at first blush, but when you look at the music and composition, it's otherwise.

"We've spoken to musicologists and other experts who examined the melody and tonal structure not only with the chorus line but throughout. It seems that when Gaga isn't
dead, she's getting sued," Francescatti's lawyer said.