New York, Jan 18 (Agencies): Investors from outside the US may be eligible for social networking site Facebook's shares. Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs will sell the shares of Facebook only to non-US investors, a move aimed at complying with American laws.

One of the much-talked about deal, Goldman plans to raise up to USD 1.5 billion through private placement of Facebook shares.

"Goldman Sachs concluded the level of media attention might not be consistent with the proper completion of a US private placement under US law," Goldman Sachs said in a statement on Monday.

As per American laws, private placement of shares such as that of proposed Facebook deal cannot be the topic of advertising, among others.

"Goldman Sachs originally intended to conduct a private placement in the US and offshore to investors interested in Facebook.

"In light of this intense media coverage, Goldman Sachs decided to proceed only with the offer to investors outside the US," the statement noted.

According to Goldman Sachs, this decision was its own and not due to request from any other party.

Going by reports, Goldman Sachs along with Russia's Digital Sky Technologies have already pumped in USD 500 million in Facebook. The private placement of Facebook shares would be in addition to the existing investment.

Facebook is estimated to have over 600 million users worldwide and many of them are outside the US.

Late last year, Goldman had reached a USD 550 million settlment with market regulator US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related to sale of a mortgage-related product
to investors.