The users of US have an option of a ‘Buy’ button on the posts and the ads in the news feeds, allowing them to purchase products from selected businesses, Facebook has tied up with.

Calling it an experimenting phase, the company is not charging business for the service, but said that could look up as it is a good option in future. Till yet advertisements and product posts on social network lead the users to the merchant site but with the new added feature users can purchase from within the Facebook itself.

The payments with the credit cards could also be easily done and also can be saved for future use. As per the company it will not pass on any of the payment details to other advertisers, addressing a major privacy concern.

Interestingly, Facebook has been showing a few signs of foraying into the e-commerce space for some time now. The social network began on-site payments to charities with a Donate button and the 'Auto-Fill With Facebook' option when making purchases on third-party e-commerce sites.

However rival Twitter is also testing a similar 'Buy' button, with all indications of the two companies getting into a social e-commerce war.