London: Most women in Britain prefer to let Facebook recommendations from friends and family decide what they watch on television, rather than traditional TV guides, a new research has found.

Sixty-eight per cent of women prefer to receive recommendations on Facebook - rather than from links in emails or from other sites - in a bid to avoid spam or illegal content.

Last year, the social networking site introduced a series of new content apps to the platform - which makes it easier for people to share what they are watching or listening to and recommend content to others.

With apps such as Spotify, people can access content without leaving Facebook, and each time somebody accesses a new piece of content - the activity appears in people's news feeds so their friends can see what they are enjoying, a daily reported.

The report - based on research from Carphone Warehouse's Geek Squad team - polled 1,837 people in the UK and also found that hectic lifestyles and heavy workloads are driving one in five women to watch video content on smartphones and tablets - part of the growing trend of women moving away from the traditional TV at home.

Half of those surveyed are driven away from the family TV set because their partners and children do not want to watch the same programmes or films as them.

A smaller number also admitted they are often too embarrassed to watch their programme of choice in front of the rest of their family.

The top three most popular online video destinations for female viewers are: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.