For now, a few iOS users are seeing an "add a link" option next to the buttons to add photos, locations, and feelings. After users enter a keyword in the search bar, Facebook suggests related news articles to post. However, it is not clear if the update will be available to everyone, reported The Verge.

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Posting links to Facebook using a smartphone is quite cumbersome and therefore, the update may be aimed at tackling that problem. It could also be related to Facebook's plan to get publishers to post content to its site directly.

By hosting content and allowing users to search for stories in its own app, Facebook is not just trying to make it easier to read and share content but also preventing people from leaving the website.

Why some users flee Facebook?

With more than a billion active Facebook accounts worldwide, "non-use" of the social networking site is now fairly common, finds a study.

The team from Cornell university found that a third of Facebook users take breaks from the site by deactivating their account and one in 10 completely quit.

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The motivation for leaving Facebook was varied among the participants -- from concerns about privacy and data misuse to problems with productivity and addiction.

Some respondents also said they were tired of engaging in shallow or banal social interactions.

"Others left or suspended activity to avoid being friended by a boss, a student or former romantic partners," said Eric PS Baumer, post-doctoral associate in communication at Cornell.

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In some cases, people reported feeling pressured to leave based on an institutional status, such as being a military officer or parolee.

Of 410 people who responded to an online questionnaire, 46 reported that they had deleted their Facebook account.

More than 90 percent said they were happy with their decision, and most stayed away. Others were not able to completely cut themselves off, but nonetheless reported taking breaks from using the social networking site.