Washington: Facebook is losing its 'younger users' to other products and services because the social networking giant is no more 'cool'. For Facebook teens are often an accurate barometer for what's cool and what's next, and recent rumblings seem to indicate teens are moving on.

According to the Verge, teens have turned to sites like Tumblr and apps like Snapchat and Instagram to communicate. Some data suggests that Tumblr may have already eclipsed Facebook as the most popular social network among 13-25 year-olds.

The report pointed out that earlier it was cool to expose details about yourself, like what movies you like, what you're doing right now, and who you're in a relationship with. But now, at some point, adding these details, like hundreds of photos from a recent vacation and status updates about your new job amounted to bragging.

What was once cool is now uncool, the report said. Maybe the burden of constantly constructing immaculate digital profiles of ourselves is tiring, it added. According to the report, the day of the over share may have passed, and bragging online isn't as fun as it used to be.


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