Shoppers are increasingly turning to mobiles for research, comparing prices and even making their final purchase.

"Indeed, 45 percent of all shopping journeys today contain mobile. And for Millennials, this number jumps to 57 percent. Almost half of Millennials expect to buy more on their smartphone in the year ahead," said Facebook IQ which commissioned market research firm GfK to conduct the study involving more than 2,400 'omni-channel shoppers'.

'Omni-channel shoppers' consider the internet to be an important source of inspiration when it comes to discovering new products and browsing a wider range of brands including smartphones and tablets.

Some 'omni-channel shoppers' cite finding it easier to use larger screens as a reason they prefer buying on desktop or laptop over buying on mobile. Some prefer to shop at a physical store because they enjoy the overall experience and like to be able to touch items they are considering purchasing. Seventy percent of mobile shoppers say the website/app experience can be improved and 71 percent feel the transaction experience can be improved.

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