Facebook is testing these 'Lead Ads' with a small group of businesses around the world to gain feedback before considering to release them.

Facebook's ads can auto-fill information like Name, Email, Street Address, Phone, Zip, City, State, Country, Company Name and Job Title. Users will have to click the call-to-action button like 'Subscribe' and then 'Submit' their info once they have reviewed what was auto-filled.

Users can edit that info inside the ads and businesses only get what is voluntarily submitted. Advertisers can only use the data in accordance with a mini-privacy policy they embed in the ad and cannot resell it to anyone else.

Facebook had reportedly said that it may allow businesses to contact users through WhatsApp. The might use some functions that are currently under testing with Facebook Messenger, like the ability to interact with consumers or businesses that marketers could pay for.

WhatsApp, Facebook-owned messaging service, may use some functions that are being tested with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook had completed its purchase mobile messaging service WhatsApp for up to  USD 22 billion in cash and stock in the firms biggest ever acquisition. Facebook had said it is keeping WhatsApp as a separate service, just as it did with Instagram, which it bought for about USD 715.3 million.