The development aims to create "a new place to house photo-editing tools," a Facebook spokesperson told the publication. Facebook allegedly attempted to buy the photo messaging service Snapchat in 2013. The new editing features are not yet available on Android.

Facebook has launched its Lite app for Android users in India. The app is designed to provide the social network's core experience reliably on spotty and slow mobile connections.

The app was in testing since January and was soft-launched earlier this month in selected countries. Facebook says that over 2G network, its Lite app is quicker than its main mobile app because its servers take on the burden of optimizing content.

The world's leading social networking site has also announced that now social butterflies need not to have a Facebook account to use Facebook Messenger.

As per the speculations, this new step taken by Facebook will give a good competition to another messaging app, WhatsApp, as it also doesn't ask its user for any social media account for usage.