The Opposition seems to be on warpath over the government’s decision of 51 percent Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retail, as all-party meeting failed to break the FDI logjam which has disrupted the Parliamentary proceeding. The Opposition categorically said that until there is rollback on FDI, the House will remain adjourned. However, the ruling dispensation has not minced its words while stating the decision of permission for FDI in retail business is well thought out, but nub of the matter is the constituents of the UPA are also naysayers for this move. In view of the situation, the Parliament will remain adjourned this week. If the House is paralysed further, the country will incur a huge loss of revenues and political decision on many fronts will be adversely affected. Undoubtedly, the government could neither take retailers and the Opposition into its confidence nor made conducive atmosphere before rolling out its plan for entry of FDI in retail business. However, it does not mean that the Opposition should go recalcitrant in a manner to affect the interests of the nation. There is no point of painting such a grievous picture of arrival of foreign companies in retail sector.

The Opposition could not rule out that entrance of domestic companies has not given jolt to the country’s retail business and farmers. It is palpable that the farmers are not comfortable in those states where domestic companies were not allowed to open their outlets owing to political compulsion. Rather, statistics shows that no one has been affected with the inclusion of domestic firms in retail sector. The Opposition must pay heed to it and they are expected not to seek any political gains and armtwist the government over it in functioning of the House. The Centre has refused rollback on FDI in retail, but they should at least come forward for discussion as it is a big decision. There must be a proper debate in the Parliament, which will dispel skepticism over the entry of foreign companies in retail market.