New Delhi: A  story of a village in the hinterland lacking in basic facilities might not attract much audience. But if a village which is situated barely few kilometres away from the Parliament lacks in basic infrastructure like road, water supply, school, hospital, it speaks volumes about the political apathy towards development.

Badarpur Khadar, a village situated in the river bed of Yamuna, lacks in all the basic facilities required for a subsistence living.

With a population of around 1000 and 550 voters, Badarpur Khadar has got electricity only about six months back.

The ironical aspect of the development could be gauged from that fact that Roshni Devi, a village resident, could not sleep for weeks after the village was electrified. Several reasons can be attributed for this ranging from excitement to habit of not living in an environment that is well lit.

After every five years they elect their councillors, legislator and MP, but all their efforts to  visit polling booth with high hopes of change goes in vain as no political representative ever looked back to solve their problems.

Even the local MLA, Mohan Singh Bisht, accepts the backwardness of the village. However, he promises other change after the village got electricity.

Badarpur Khadar village faces much more adversities during floods as villagers are forced to enter their village taking a five kilometer detour of Uttar Pradesh. A new road is proposed, but that also falls under a dam-repairing project of UP government.
The state of unemployment in the village is forcing people into an uncertain future.

With no school available in the village, most of the 200-odd children in the village are staring a dark future. Some of the families have got their wards admitted in city schools and other schools in bordering Uttar Pradesh. But not all families can afford that kind of education for their kids.