Shimla/New Delhi: After Uttarakahand, factionalism within the Bharatiya Janta Party has started to cast its shadow on Himachal Pradesh. With the formation of ‘Bhrastachar Mukti Morcha’, the BJP MP Shanta Kumar has marked its protest against the Dhumal government in the state.

On Wednesday, former BJP MP from Kullu, Maheswari Singh, declared about ‘Bhrastachar Mukti Morcha’ and said the Front will raise voice against the corruption in the state.  Indignation appeared when Singh pointed finger towards the state party president Kheemiram and state Cabinet Minister Rajiv Bindal.

Singh raised question on the inaction to take stringent action against black marketing of cements. “To create awareness amongst citizens, the Front will be formed in every district where people can raise their voice against corruption,” he said.

As factionalism in the BJP has become common phenomena, the step taken by Kumar has open doors for the Opposition in the state, Congress, to attack the BJP.

However, in order to save the ruling BJP government in the state, party high command is trying to give Shanta Kumar’s newly launched Front a national outlook.