Here are five facts about Amaravati that make the city even more special:

1. One of the oldest capitals of India: It was the capital of Satavahanas during 2nd and 3rd century BCE. After the fall of kingdoms like Pallavas, it was later captured by Britishers during the colonial period.

2. Iconic Buddhist Stupa: Amaravati and other regions that splurged along Krishna and Godavari rivers were of great importance for Buddhism in 2nd century. A buddhist stupa was built during Ashoka's time, around 200 BCE and it was carved with panels that depicts Buddha's story.

3. Kohinoor Diamond: Kohinoor Diamond was found in 'Kollur Mines' which is near Amaravati. Andhra Pradesh ministers are now trying to bring many Amaravati artifacts back from London museum.

4. Asia's largest chilli market: Guntur, Asia's largest market yard is also near Amaravati. It is the largest chilli market in Asia.

5. One of India's biggest bus terminus: The Vijaywada Bus Terminus is one of the busiest and biggest bus terminus in Asia.

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