Let us check the following fun facts associated with colours and of course our daily life.

The colour red has the longest wavelength, and thus even a kid as young as 2 weeks can easily recognize it.

Ever wondered why the walls at a mental health care are painted pink? It's just because pink is a palliative colour and it soothes nerves. So, next time when you have anger issues, you know how to treat it.

KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Wimpy, and all the other outlets surely know the way to increase their sales, and that's why they have their logos painted in yellow and red. Confused? Being the most appetizing colours, yellow and red are known to aggravate hunger.


Planning to buy a car? How about a white or a silver one to assure your safety. The colour having a high visibility even during rains and fog reduces the accidental chances, says a study.


Around forty-one percent of the world population has a fondness for the colour blue, making blue the most favorite colour. Do not be surprised but even mosquitoes love blue the most.

To believe what science has to say, colours really do not exist. That appetizing red, or dizzy yellow, it's all in the mind. Brain, when trying to make sense of the outside world, gives life to these various colours.


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