"Fad dieting does not work long term. It's much more effective to add in strength training build muscle tissue and then not have to worry so much about dieting. Adopt a long term healthy eating program and you can still enjoy what you like but in moderation," says Braganza.

The 52-year-old Los Angeles-based trainer who has helped several actors get into shape and build the finest bodies in quickest possible time was recently in India to launch her book "Feel Fit Look Fantastic in 3.2.1".

Her book includes quite a few tips to get into shape "Hollywood Style" by regular exercise.

"Most of the time people want to see results right away so they will start out at too high an intensity but not stick with a program after they don't see results in a week.  It takes at least 21 days to create a habit of exercise so it's important to begin slowly even 20 minutes a day but do it consistently. In addition to see changes in a body you must stick to it for at least 3-6 months," says Braganza.
She writes about three key steps which will help people to get in shape in record time with diets and recipes for healthy eating. These she claims dawned upon her during her time at a film shootings.

"The fact is that the 3-2-1 countdown has become my philosophy for everything in life. It first caught my attention while I was working on a film setting. As I watched the director give a countdown that said '3-2-1 Action', I realized that this is exactly how I prepare my clients. The mantra being 'Get ready Mentally, Get set physically and Go forward emotionally'," Braganza writes in her book.

There's no shortcut to success as well as getting in shape and even picture perfect celebrities have to motivate themselves to work out, says the celebrity trainer.

"Motivation begins in the mind, take control of your mind and commit to a program. To stay motivated include friends, make playlists of music you like that motivate you, do it during a time of day that works with your schedule, visualize your goal and journal your progress," says Braganza.

In her book she points out the importance of planning a constructive fitness regime before taking the decision to shed the extra few kilos by giving up a sedentary lifestyle.

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