If the Central government is not ill-fated, then it could be easily deduced that it has lost the will to take on challenges. It cannot be a mere co-incidence that problems which have been plaguing the UPA-2 government come back to hit it time and again. The government has been exposed in tackling issues like inflation, corruption and terrorism over different periods of time. Presently, it seems all the three issues have together caught the government on the wrong foot. As the government has come up with numerous excuses to defend itself on the issue of inflation that people in general have accepted that the present dispensation is incapable of curbing price rise. Issues of corruption and terrorism have also exposed the government’s claims as in the case of inflation. Even as the government was recovering after biting dust over the Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement, it was hit with terror strike at the Delhi High Court – few hundred metres away from its seat of power. While the government agencies continue to grope in dark over leads into the Delhi blast, two CAG reports which indict the functioning of two union ministries put the UPA government in the dock. It would be difficult for the government to satisfactorily answer the questions raised by the CAG over allotment of D-6 block in KG Basin to Reliance Industries and the merger of Indian Airlines and Air India. It is noteworthy that the government has been unable to answer questions raised in other CAG reports.

The questions being raised by the CAG show that the government is either not being able to perform its duties, or else deliberately allows such things to happen that provides opportunity to people to raise questions. It is doubtful whether the government would be able to satisfy people that its hands are clean on the two issues raised by the CAG. Similarly, it is unlikely that people would take the explanation of the Home Minister P Chidambaram on Delhi High Court blast on face value because there was nothing new in his clarifications on the internal security situation of the country. The moot question is, for how long the same thesis would be repeated? Is it not unfortunate that he has no answers as to why the government has failed to check terror attacks? The fact that the government is not open to criticism is even more unfortunate.  The nature of government’s reaction to questions being raised by people, media and opposition parties is such as if it is being targeted unnecessarily. The approach of the government makes it pretty clear that the policy makers in the UPA government would ever ponder as to why it has become so in-active, in-effective and obscure in its second innings? It is inopportune that nothing seems to be under control of the government. How can people trust such a government?