Washington: The US has assured India of giving ‘fair and appropriate’ treatment to hundreds of Indian students hit by the closure of a California-based ‘sham’ university.

The assurance came from the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who in her letter to Indian Ambassador to the US, Meera Shankar, said that the US government would consider the interests of the affected students.

"In the letter, Clinton emphasized that the US is proud to host over 100,000 Indian students in the United States and hopes to increase the numbers in the years ahead," Shankar told reporters.

Expressing India’s concerns on the Sham university issue, Shankar had conveyed the details of Indian students of the Tri Valley University (TVU) in California to the Secretary of State on February 14.

In her letter dated February 22, Clinton said that the Department of State is following the case closely and working with the Department of Homeland Security and government of India to ensure fair and appropriate treatment of the students, she said.

"Please be assured that their interests and the interest of all Indian students in the United States would be carefully considered," Clinton said, according to Shankar who effectively took up the matter with the State Department and other agencies of the US government, including the  Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE).

Nearly 1,500 Indian students were affected by the closure of the TVU on charges of massive visa fraud. As many as 18 Indian students were radio tagged, which Krishna termed as inhuman.

On Friday, radio tag from one more student was removed, thus taking their total to 12.

Shankar said as of now, nearly 700 out of about 1,500 TVU students' cases are under process for transfer to other universities.

India would be satisfied when all the cases are fully resolved and students are not in a position of uncertainty.

"We continue to monitor this on a regular basis and are in touch with the authorities on this issue," she said.