New Delhi: Alarmed at finding 53 percent women among the travelers caught without ticket, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has fielded 100 lady ticket checkers in the national capital.

The women ticket checkers will start their work from Monday. Not only this, like traffic police they will also be issuing challans for traveling without ticket. The information was given by DTC Chairman and Managing Director Vijay Kumar Dev.

The women ticket checkers will also come heavily upon those who occupy ladies seats in the buses and could ask them to de-board the bus as a punishment.

There is a provision of Rs 200 fine or 15 days simple imprisonment for travelling without ticket in the DTC buses. Out of the 3,000 passengers caught without ticket, 53 percent were found to be women during the three-day ticket checking campaign.

The alarming number of women travelling without tickets shows the significance of appointing lady ticket checkers who can even frisk the women without tickets to recover the penalty amount, embarrassing them to discourage the practice.

The defaulters who will not pay the penalty amount of Rs 200 will be searched, their ID be taken and the challan will be sent to their home. To remind them of paying the penalty amount, their mobile number will also be taken.