"Faith must have been and still is the most motivating unseen force within the universe of the human. How else can one explain its power of presence, at every corner of our life..," Bachchan wrote on his blog.

Talking about Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in the city, the 72-year-old superstar said it is the spirit of devotion, which has the power to awe anyone, who witnesses it.

"A visitor from across the seas, walking about the city of Mumbai would be in bewildered awe at the atmosphere of gaiety and well being... The spirit of devotion and celebration has never been so pronounced and voluble as in our part of the world...”

"The sounds of dance and drum, of smiling happy faces, young and old, of the pride in carrying each their homed Ganapati, now ready to be put away where each year it belongs... He belongs to them, in any circumstance... Just as much they celebrate His presence, they move themselves emotionally in His absence too...," he wrote.


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