New Delhi: The special cell of the Delhi Police on Thursday seized fake currency worth Rs 6 crore from south west Delhi’s Dabri area. Two were arrested from the spot.

The fake currency was packed in 33 cloth bundles which were concealed under cardboards and were brought in two autos. The notes were of 500 and 1000 denominations and are believed to be brought in the country through the Pakistan-Nepal route.

The bundles have ‘Sargodha Processing Mills’ printed on them, which is located in Pakistan’s Punjab area.
Two have been arrested who were later identified as Hassan Ali a godown owner and Mohammad an auto driver.  Both are being investigated on their origins and other details.

On receiving information regarding the autos arriving at Hassan’s house in Dabri on Thursday afternoon, Delhi Police’s special team reached the spot and seized one of the autos. Hassan was arrested whereas the auto driver fled from the spot. While the police was investigating Hassan, another auto reached the place, the police this time was alert and nabbed the auto driver Mohammad.

According to the neighbours, Hassan had become rich overnight.  It is found that two autos had been coming to his residence on a daily basis which hints that he must have smuggled fake currency worth crores till now.