New Delhi: Doctors at AIIMS on Thursday said two- year-old Falak continues to remain in a critical state but was responding well to treatment.

Admitted in a battered state at the AIIMS Trauma Centre here 23 days ago, her infection levels have receded, neurosurgeon Deepak Agarwal said.

"The culture test of the blood and the chest sample showed no infection but the same was not in case of the brain. This clearly proves that she is responding well to medication being administered to her. Till the brain infection goes, she will stay critical," he said.

"It is over three weeks that she has been lying unconscious. This is not a good sign," he cautioned.

Falak was brought to the AIIMS Trauma Centre on January 18 with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

She underwent a life saving surgery of the brain immediately after her admission here. Later on, this was followed by another two. Doctors even conducted a tracheotomy on her which they claim she will have to live with for some time even after her recovery.

The forensic department has conducted a DNA test to help determine her paternity. Experts have confirmed that the bite marks found on her body are that of a human, Dr Agarwal said.

"The infection in her brain is being monitored closely. We are conducting culture reports on everyday basis to see the level of infection present in her body. Once the reports come negative and we are assured that she is responding positively to the treatment, we can conduct the remaining surgeries," Agarwal said.