Here is a list of top personalities whose reputation was marred their lady loves:

1. Tiger Woods: One of the most infamous cheating scandals involved Tiger Woods. During the year 2009, Tiger confessed his relationship with mistress and later tendered apology for his infidelity. Following this, several companies like Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade and General Motors completely ended their sponsorship deals with golf star, while Gillette suspended advertising featuring him.

2. Bill Clinton: The Then US President Bill Clinton's alleged sexual relationship with White House employee Monica Lewinksy was widely known as the Lewinsky scandal. This news spread like a wildfire and finally led to the impeachment of Clinton in 1998. Later, he was produced in court and acquitted, his license to practise law was suspended. He was also fined USD 90,000 for giving false testimony.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Hollywood hunk turned California Governor was dumped by wife Maria Shriver in 2011 after she learned about Arnold's son with the family maid. This hogged headlines as other allegations of sexual harassment against him on film sets were pressed against him. Although this didn't stop him from making movies, this was a scar on his career.

4. Shashi Tharoor: Former diplomat and renowned Indian politician Shashi Tharoor's prestige came at stake after the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar in a Delhi hotel. Her death came days after she found out about Pakistani journalist Mehal Trar stalking Shashi Tharoor. Also, Subramaniam Swamy tried to fight the case against Tharoor. Confirming her death as murder, the Delhi Police is investigating into the case.

5. Peter Mukerjea: India's media baron Peter Mukerjea's life stalled after his wife's alleged involvement in a murder case. The ex CEO of Star India, Peter Mukerjea is married to Indrani Mukerjea. Both Indrani and Peter are under CBI custody after their involvement in murdering Sheena Bora over alleged financial disputes. Bora is Indrani's daughter from another husband.

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