London: A US TV channel is making a new movie based on the life of pop star Lady Gaga.
The channel Lifetime is working on 'Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story' written by Norman Snider and based on Maureen Callahan's 2010 book 'Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga' although the singer herself won't be involved, reported magazine.
"Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga)] is a bright rebellious Catholic school girl who dreams of fame. The story covers her from age 16 to 22. When we first meet her she is a dark haired, off beat, very talented and intensely ambitious teen.
"...Stefani learns she must be something more than a talented young girl and to really stand out, she must change. The story covers the ups and downs of her amazing rise and eventually to her transformation to Lady Gaga."
The channel has sent out a casting call to find an actress to play the superstar in the movie which will follow the life of the 'You and I' hitmaker from her upbringing in New York to her success.
"We are seeking an actress who can physically resemble Lady Gaga and who can believably span ages 16 to 22. Singing is preferred but not required," the casting statement read.