Jaipur:  The Central government’s decision to create eco-sensitive zones in and around national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and corridors in the country is facing a setback due to 50,000 families residing in and around the forty national parks in the country.

Union Environment and Forests Minister Jairam Ramesh, on a two-day visit to Rajasthan, said, “Rajasthan government wants to fix the boundary of sensitive zone at 100 metres from a national park. But in our last week discussion this boundary was extended upto 500 metres. Also, there would be complete ban on mining and building resorts in the eco-sensitive zone.” Ramesh said this while he was on his visit to Sariska reserve near Alwar.

Speaking on the Sariska tiger reserve, he said, “I agree that Sariska tiger reserve has become famous but it still lacks the exposure required. The number of tourists visiting this reserve is less due to underdeveloped tourists’ facilities.”

“There is sufficient budget available for the improvisation and development of facilities for visitors and tourists to Sariska tiger reserve,” he added.