According to the latest data available from the Union Health Ministry, the number of males opting for sterlisation has come down sharply to 90,000 in 2013 as compared to 1.77 lakh males in 2011. Female participation in the government's family programme too has declined from 47.09 lakh in 2011 to 41.22 lakh last year.

A senior officer of Health Ministry said, that due to steralisation camp tragedy in Chattisgarh the number of people opting for such operations may decline in the coming future.

He further said family planning program should be given a fresh start and all possible methods of  effective family planning should be brought out for people.

 A recent goverment-run steralisation programme tragedy in Chattisgarh grabbed  attention of the whole country, but even Health Ministry has accepted the fact that last year more than 162 women died due to such vasectomy operations across the country.
 In last two years, the numbers of male opting for vasectomy has witnessed a sharp decline.

The goverment has failed to inculcate awareness among masses about various family planning programmes including --vasectomy and tubectomy.

According to a Health Ministry report, more than 162 women were died during sterilisation operations in government run hospitals in last one year.  

Tamil Nadu, which is considered as one of the best states in providing health care facilities, alone witnessed the death of 30 women, highest in the country. Around 23 women lost their lives in Maharashtra while in Andhra Pradesh 20 women were died during such operations.

In Bihar, 17 women succumed to death during sterilisation operations while in Madhya Pradesh around 13 women lost their lives.

Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand witnessed the death of four women each while in Haryana three women were died during such operations in government-run hopitals.


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