Themed ‘family as caregivers’, Dr D Basu, professor department of psychiatry as the central speaker, emphasized on the contribution of family in rehabilitation of people affected with drug addiction. He said, in India, unlike western countries, family is still bonded with strong moral moorings and their care could either make or break an individual in rehabilitation, who faces stigmatization owing to his drug problem.

He underlined the fact that ignoring the ones with drug problem or pretending that the problem does not exist is not a solution. Such actions will only have negative impact on those recovering with the problem.

The session also highlighted that strong action taken against suppliers of illegal drugs has resulted in more people taking help of de-addiction center.

Commenting on lack of government-run rehabilitation centers, he said, “Rehab centers try to change the attitude of the person to ensure he does not go back to the path that lands him at the de-addiction centre in the first place. However, India does not have a single government-run rehabilitation centre. There are some privately-run centers, but they are very expensive.”

Encouraging the young adults who are not addicted to drugs, he said that they should remain the same. He asked those who are not habitual user but have experimented with drugs should be careful.

“Drug users should be provided a nurturing and positive environment where they aren’t judged. The taboo associated with the problem must be done away with so as to help those in need,” he said. The families of the drugs addict should bring forth the case and help them recover, Basu added.


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