Let’s call upon their name and see what their business cards have to say about them on behalf of pure creativity.

1. The Card of Technical Excellence:

Yes, we are talking about, William Henry “Bill” Gates. Born in October 28, 1955, Mr. Gates has pioneered in the domain of IT, becoming the significantly famous American business tycoon. He also has many other achievements under his belt as he is doing exceptionally well in the role of an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and programmer. His identity is prestigiously accepted in the modern society owing to his brainchild, Microsoft. A man of such a caliber has a business card, which speaks volume of its own.

2. The card – In search of glory:

The digital world that exists today is all due to evolution of Google over times. Google is undoubtedly the biggest search internet network service provider in the world. And, its dominance in the world of internet is prospering big time. Now, imagine the creativity of the man who owns such an organization. Larry Page, co founder of Google has got a simple yet influential business card that anyone would love to have. Meanwhile, Google currently got its own CEO, Sundar Pichai.  

3. The card of social networking:

Well, what we know today as social media and Facebook is all due to this man, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. He gave the world the most wonderful thing that made everyone connect under one roof. This man made social life bloom virtually over social media where everyone can connect with each other with a single click. Young in mind and ideas, Mark owns a business card that portrays the meaning of success and the right attitude.

4. The card that tweets:

Evan Clark Williams is a highly creative internet entrepreneur and an American programmer who has established several internet organizations. He was earlier associated with Twitter as the Chairman and CEO.  His business card is neat, clean and speaks about a man whose hunger for excellence never ends.

Krishnendu/ JPN

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