Mumbai: Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, fanfare has no limit. John Abraham, who has been constantly receiving e-mails and letters at his house ever since he mentioned his belief in sperm donation, recently had quite an experience. The actor-producer is said to have received a strange request from a married woman, who apparently is having trouble conceiving a child.

The only option left for her is artificial insemination. Now, the lady has requested John to donate his sperms for this cause. Being a hardcore fan, she claims she won’t take anyone else’s except the actor’s.
According to the source, the woman genuinely respects the fact that John has spoken out about such a sensitive issue that encourages youngsters to come forward and help childless parents like her. Interestingly, Indian laws make it illegal to reveal the donor’s identity.

But given the actor’s enthusiasm, a well-known fertility centre in Chandigarh has asked him to donate sperms. John says, “Why can’t we donate sperm? It’s a topic that needs to be addressed, as there are childless couples out there, who can do with our help.”