"We are getting good response from people for online auction, launched by the government for the first time. E-auction was held for three days. At the end of the day, we successfully sold registration number 0001 for Rs 12.5 lakh while registration number 0009 was sold for Rs 8.25 lakh," said the official.

The official said that the fancy number 0005 was sold for Rs 3.15 lakh, followed by 0006 for Rs 3 lakh, 0007 for Rs 5.55 lakh, 0786 for Rs 2.10 lakh and 0014 for Rs 205000.

He also said that registration number 0018 was sold for Rs 2 lakh while 0019 was sold for Rs 2.10 lakh.

Apart from these numbers, 0036 registration number was sold for Rs 205000, followed by 0111 for Rs 1.35 lakh, 0200 for Rs 105000, 0222 for Rs 1 lakh, 0300 for Rs 1.10 lakh, 0777 for Rs 1.40 lakh, 0900 for Rs one lakh, 0999 for Rs 1.25 lakh, 1000 for Rs 2 lakh, 1111 for Rs 2.25 lakh, 2222 for 1.15 lakh, 7777 for Rs 2.60 lakh, 9999 for Rs 3.20 lakh.

The official said that from the sale of 29 fancy registration numbers, government has collected Rs 74.40 lakh.

"Every month, transport department will hold e-auction for fancy numbers. Motorists wanting to flaunt fancy registration numbers can participate in this auction," he added.

A total of 140 fancy numbers have been put to e-auction. The desirous and eligible persons can participate in the e-auction by registering online on transport department website.