Norris Ogario, founder and creative director of Ogario London salon, doles out tips on how to ape 1970s hair style:

* Start with a good cut: It is crucial hair is cut to enhance its natural texture, movement and fall. Both everyday styling and one-off glamorous looks become easier to manage.

* Follow with good preparation: Moisturise twice a week with an intensive and deep nourishing mask. This will keep hair hydrated and also help to protect it from the effects of heat styling.

* Work with your waves: If you have natural waves work with their texture and movement. Hot rollers were popular in the seventies but curling tongs can also help. Tongs give greater control, offer a range of heat settings and allow you to choose where to add more bounce.

Start by spraying damp hair with a volumising spray and blow dry it out. After sectioning off your side parting, start wrapping one-inch sections of the hair around the curling irons, starting from bottom to top working your way up. Leave to set and cool before ruffling the hair out with your finger tips and finish with some texture spray to give it a more contemporary feel.


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