Akhtar strongly condemned the incident and expressed his opinion on social networking site, Facebook.

 He wrote in the post, "It’s been almost a week now since a man (husband and father) in Dadri, U.P was brutally murdered. He was dragged out of his house and in full view of his family, beaten to death by a mob. His son is in critical condition, doctors still struggling to keep him alive. His wife and daughter will probably never recover from this incident. Reason: He was rumoured to have stored and/or eaten beef. Let me repeat that. He was RUMORED to have stored and/or eaten beef.”

While many agreed with his thought but their was one Indian women who called him 'Pakistani Akhtar'.  Well, reacting to Farhan's post the lady wrote "Yesterday you were crying so hard for the Dadri case. Your brother has killed his kid for not wearing Burqa while eating. Any words you Pakistani Akhthar?"

To this the witty actor replied, "  "Yes, I hope he rots in jail... Which he will. .. and I hope you grow a brain. Which I doubt you will. But all the best."

Well, the slick response of the actor was enough to successfully clear the doubts of the lady. Truly his reply on being called 'Pakistani' is absolutely spot on.


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